223 Nonlinear Characteristics of Liquid Motion in a Pendulum-type Rectangular Container
223 振り子型直方体容器内液面の非線形振動特性

2005 The Proceedings of the Dynamics & Design Conference  
The nonlinear liqu重 d motion in a partia1Ly 丘lled Pendulum − type Rectangu正 ar Container is investigated. The nonlinearity of the liqu孟 d surf e oscillation and Pendulum mot 亘 on is considered 正 n the response analysis . An experiment was conducted using a model ta皿 k, It is shown tha 七 aユ most per 藍 odic osc 且 lat三 〇11 appears in the theoret 正 cal and experimental results , when the excitation frequency is near the average of lst and 2nd natural Qnes . A fairly good agreement was found between both resu 壼 ts.
doi:10.1299/jsmedmc.2005._223-1_ fatcat:3okhdtvmm5dvnax5m6my3djdki