Stratospheric Optical Inter-Platform Links for High Altitude Platforms

Dirk Giggenbach, Robert Purvinskis, Markus Werner, Matthias Holzbock
2002 20th AIAA International Communication Satellite Systems Conference and Exhibit   unpublished
Optical propagation simulations for the case of a laser optical link between two stratospheric High Altitude Platforms have been performed. The simulations, together with communications link budget calculations, show that high data rate communications between such platforms is feasible, at data rates up to several hundred Mbps, and optical transmit-power levels of less than 1W for a 500 km long inter platform path. Such data rates and power levels are close to the capabilities of current
more » ... ogy. The simulations have included use of known parameters of the optical properties of the upper atmosphere, in particular absorption by atmospheric aerosols, and atmospheric turbulence.
doi:10.2514/6.2002-1910 fatcat:oh4m5subdvatrfvul5sqve3cdy