Development of a Semi-analytical Dynamic Thrust Force Model [post]

Marin Akter, Mohammad Abdul Alim, Md Manjurul Hussain, Kazi Shamsunnahar Mita, Anisul Haque, Munsur Rahman
2021 unpublished
A moving water mass generates force which is exerted on its moving path. Cyclone generated storm surge or earthquake generated tsunami are specific examples of moving water mass the generates force along the coasts. In addition to human lives, these moving water masses cause severe damages to the coastal infrastructure due to tremendous force exerted on these structures. To assess the damage on these infrastructures, an essential parameter is the resultant force exerted on these structures. To
more » ... valuate the damages, there is hardly any quantitative method available to compute this force. In this paper we have developed a semi-analytical model, named as Dynamic Force Model (DFM), by using Variational Iteration Method to compute this force. As governing equations, we have used the Saint Venant equations which are basically 1D shallow water equations derived from the Navier-Stokes equations. The verified, calibrated and validated DFM is applied in Bangladesh coastal zone to compute dynamic thrust force due to tropical cyclone SIDR.
doi:10.21203/ fatcat:llydio6t5bat7gf6viiw6hpqxe