Veterinarians and Wildlife Biologists Should Join Forces to End Inhumane Mammal Trapping Technology

Gilbert Proulx
2021 World's Veterinary Journal  
Current mammal trapping standards uphold the use of inhumane trapping technology. For example, killing neck snares for the capture of canids, and rotating-jaw traps, and steel-jawed leghold traps for procyonids and mustelids, are being used by trappers despite decades of research showing that they are inhumane, and cause serious injuries and distress in captured animals. Many wildlife biologists unsuccessfully raised concerns about inhumane mammal trappings. This short communication stresses
more » ... need for veterinarians and wildlife biologists to work together to improve the fate of mammals captured in killing or restraining traps, and modify mammal trapping standards on the basis of animal welfare science.
doi:10.54203/scil.2021.wvj43 fatcat:giuu5rmrmrehzk26mg425xd2lu