Esdw Guidelines And Programme Iii

Ana Mendonça, Alan Ó Cais
2018 Zenodo  
The present document is an updated version of deliverable D5.2 [] submitted in December 2016, on the guidelines for content, structure and output for our Extended Software Development Workshops (ESDWs). These guidelines are intended to be a living document which evolves to reflect experience gained in running the Extended Software Development Workshop (ESDW)s and thus they are subject to further revision based on the outcomes of each year's activities, with
more » ... his present document being the third iteration. This updated version of the guidelines, valid from January 2018 to March 2019, will help to ensure that the workshops run consistently across the scientific Work-Packages (WPs) and meet the quality standards for E- CAM software. The solicitation to incorporate High Performance Computing (HPC) more clearly into our training program has provided us with the opportunity to expand the purpose of our ESDWs, and elaborate on a number of points. Hence, in addition to refining the guidelines of D5.2, this deliverable defines: 1. the revised structure for ESDWs; 2. the timeline for the organization of an ESDW; 3. the E-CAM online training infrastructure; 4. the updates done to the E-CAM software repository. The program of ESDWs for the third year of the project is also definedwithin this document, and it already implements the changes mentioned in point 1. above. Points 2. to 4. will also be integrated in this year's events.
doi:10.5281/zenodo.1207531 fatcat:q6uhitjy65da7iir37p5dlggry