Jainiella-A new dinoflagellate cyst genus from the Upper Cretaceous of Cauvery Basin, India

Khowaja-Ateequzzaman, Rahul Garg
1993 Journal of Palaeosciences  
A new dinoflagellate cyst genus Jainiella is described from Trichinopoly Formatiom (Upper Cretaceous), Cauvery Basin, southern India. It is characterised by subspherical to oval cyst having an autophragm without apical and antapical horns and possessing an intercalary, type 31 archaeopyle. The genus Trivalvadinium Islam 1983 is emended and T. plenum Islam 1983 is transferred to the new genus Jainiella.
doi:10.54991/jop.1993.1153 fatcat:neadxsogufdz7ogs2ojnmj557e