Limits on decaying dark energy density models from the CMB temperature-redshift relation

Philippe Jetzer, Crescenzo Tortora
2012 Journal of Physics, Conference Series  
We discuss the thermodynamic and dynamical properties of a variable dark energy model with density scaling as $\rho_x \propto (1+z)^{m}$, z being the redshift. These models lead to the creation/disruption of matter and radiation, which affect the cosmic evolution of both matter and radiation components in the Universe. In particular, we have studied the temperature-redshift relation of radiation, which has been constrained using a recent collection of cosmic microwave background (CMB)
more » ... und (CMB) temperature measurements up to $z \sim 3$. We find that, within the uncertainties, the model is indistinguishable from a cosmological constant which does not exchange any particles with other components. Future observations, in particular measurements of CMB temperature at large redshift, will allow to give firmer bounds on the effective equation of state parameter $w_{eff}$ for such types of dark energy models.
doi:10.1088/1742-6596/354/1/012009 fatcat:df7h6ukq2ffxlb6hyzdayjp33y