p-ary sequences with six-valued cross-correlation function: a new decimation of Niho type [article]

Yuhua Sun, Hui Li, Zilong Wang, Tongjiang Yan
2011 arXiv   pre-print
For an odd prime p and n=2m, a new decimation d=(p^m-1)^2/2+1 of Niho type of m-sequences is presented. Using generalized Niho's Theorem, we show that the cross-correlation function between a p-ary m-sequence of period p^n-1 and its decimated sequence by the above d is at most six-valued and we can easily know that the magnitude of the cross correlation is upper bounded by 4√(p^n)-1.
arXiv:1105.2783v1 fatcat:nztrqqvhzzckbmzvshesk2pmwe