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2019 Milk Science  
A metabolomics approach to characterize raw, pasteurized, and ultra-high temperature milk using ultraperformance liquid chromatography-quadrupole time-of-‰ight mass spectrometry and multivariate data analysis Y. D. Zhang, et al. 9 6 3 0  9636 ポーランドの冷血種馬乳の氷点とその他の技術的特性 Freezing point and other technological properties of milk of the Polish Coldblood horse breed D. Cais-Sokoli ánska, et al. 9 6 3 7  9646 フローインジェクション系におけるパルス電流検出を用 いた,未殺菌牛乳中の塩素イオンの定量 Determination of chlorine ions in raw milk by
more » ... lsed amperometric detection in a ‰ow injection system Xingguang Chen, et al. 9 6 4 7  9658 未殺菌アイスクリーム混合物中のリステリア属細菌汚染 レベルは,加熱履歴の良い指標となる Listeria cross contamination levels in raw ice cream mix can serve as a predictor of their potential presence as heat-injured cells Neha Neha, et al. 9 6 5 9  9669 限外濾過と連続通過濾過を用いた乳タンパク質濃縮物の 調製全効率に及ぼす工程デザインの影響 Preparation of milk protein concentrates by ultraˆltration and continuous diaˆltration: EŠect of process design on overall e‹ciency C. Gavazzi-April, et al.
doi:10.11465/milk.68.63 fatcat:zmnna6jbm5evfnmryodcn6yrwa