Profiling CD antigens on leukaemias with an antibody microarray

Nicole Barber, Swetlana Gez, Larissa Belov, Stephen P. Mulligan, Adrian Woolfson, Richard I. Christopherson
2009 FEBS Letters  
Edited by Miguel De la Rosa Keywords: Leukaemia Lymphoma Cluster of differentiation antigen Microarray a b s t r a c t Cluster of differentiation (CD) antigens are defined when a surface molecule found on some members of a standard panel of human cells reacts with at least one novel antibody, and there is good accompanying molecular data. Monoclonal antibodies to surface CD antigens on leukocytes have been used for flow cytometry, and more recently to construct microarrays that capture live
more » ... s. These DotScan TM microarrays enable the rapid and highly parallel characterization of repertoires of CD antigens whose expression patterns may be correlated with discrete leukaemia subtypes, or used to define biomarker 'signatures' for non-hematological diseases. DotScan TM with fluorescence multiplexing enables profiling of CD antigens for minor subsets of cells, such as colorectal cancer cells and tumour-infiltrating lymphocytes from a surgical sample.
doi:10.1016/j.febslet.2009.03.018 pmid:19298816 fatcat:2uolfqz375f3fapqfkwguhjnyy