The use of distance education technology in the teaching process of academic subjects "History of aviation" and "History of Ukraine and ukrainian culture"
Використання технологій дистанційного навчання у процесі викладання навчальних дисциплін «Історія авіації» та «Історія України і української культури»

Iryna ROMANKO, Flight Academy of National Aviation University
2022 SCIENTIFIC BULLETIN OF FLIGHT ACADEMY. Section: Pedagogical Sciences  
Taking into account great educational potential of historical subjects in the process of personality moral culture development, we define the goal to analyze the experience of distance technologies use connected with pedagogical education development tendencies in the multilevel system of aviation specialists' training in FA NAU. In the academic year of 2020-2021 the author of the article made an initiative sociological analysis among education applicants – students of Flight Operations and Air
more » ... Traffic Service Faculty as for the distance technologies use in the educational process in FA NAU. The survey showed that the students of the first year of FA NAU were not ready for the abrupt transition to the distance format of training. The target groups faced technical, organizational and psychological difficulties. Inability to plan and to time, to work on their own appeared for the students to be a serious problem in mastering teaching material. The main problem was educational process technique. Some students do not have necessary technique (the uninterrupted Internet, a web-camera, their own laptop or computer). It is also necessary to emphasize positive aspects of the abrupt transition to the distance format of training. Teachers were forced to master quickly the work on Internet platforms, to learn to develop online courses of academic subjects, to be in active search of effective forms of interaction with students and colleagues using distance technologies. Students had also to study in new environment, to develop communication skills, to time effectively. It became quite obvious that distance education technologies use is not a remote prospect but our day. Studying experience of distance technologies use in FA NAU and other institutions of higher education in Ukraine, it is necessary to aim that LMS MOODLE would contribute to rise level and quality of methodological, didactic, information support of educational process management of education applicants, educationalists and managers of Flight Academy of NAU. Key words: higher education, distance learning, information and communication technologies, pandemic restrictions, initiative sociological research
doi:10.33251/2522-1477-2022-11-74-81 fatcat:447ljtjl7bedxmgjcwfcfmfcny