Impact of DBTMA (Dual Busy-Tone Multiple Access) on AODV (Ad-Hoc on Demand Vector) Routing Protocol

S. V. Vanitha, G. Mohankumar
2016 Circuits and Systems  
The multi-hop wireless networks that provide the feasible means of communication and information access in real time services are named as Mobile Ad-hoc Networks (MANETS). The Dual Busy-Tone Multiple Access (DBTMA) mechanism concedes the RTS-CTS scheme to establish communication between two nodes and medium access for applications with a high QoS requirement by assigning two narrow band busy-tones to notify the on-going transmission. In this paper, we obtained results relative to the interest
more » ... e to the interest of AODV based reactive routing protocol for MANETS and DBTMA mechanism. The performance is governed under real time sound traffic through simulation using NS-2. The performance of the protocol is measured in terms of various QoS metrics that include route discovery time, throughput, delay and hops per route which are calculated, and graphs have been plotted. A simulation result shows that very substantial improvements in terms of AODV performance parameters and minimum delay are attained due to increased routing responsiveness.
doi:10.4236/cs.2016.711305 fatcat:5z4mezih3ne2hjujvkdjngtns4