The Praxinoscope

1879 Scientific American  
MARCH 22, 1879.] J titntifit 1\lUtrican. The Shipping oC New York. I .. THE �B.AXINOSCOPE, . . l of this line was subsequently measured by a micrometric The collection district of New York includes the waters We are all fa ill lh ar wi th the zoetrope, wh i ch consists of a scale, divided into ten-thousandths of an inch, with the aid of New York Bay and Harbor, East River and Long Island short cylinder, on the walls of which are represented different I of a microscope. In order to establish a
more » ... andard of com Sound bordering on Westchester county, to the Connecticut positions taken successively b y a bod y in motion. These I parison, the compression of the oil under various pressures line, the north and south shores of Long Island, Staten representations are viewed through longitudinal slits in the I was first ascertained by means of a hydraulic press and Island, and that part of Hudson and Bergen counties lying cylinder while it revolves at great speed. The pictures viewed i gauges of special construction. Precautions were taken to on New York Bay and Hudson River, and the navigable in this way appear � s if posses � ed of life. This is certainl y prevent changes in temperature from affecting the accu waters of the Hudson River. The district possesses a water one � f the most . C UflOUS of opt IC al phenomena. The accomracy of the indications of the instrument. front of about 700 miles, and the wharf fronts of New York � an Ylll� engrav m� s : epresent an apparatus based on an en-The experiments were made at Washington Arsenal in port cover 25 miles. Marine sailing papers are issued at tlrely different pr lll c i ple. 18.55, under the direction of Major A lfred Mordecai. Two New York city, Albany and Troy, on the Hudson, and Cold I In the praxinoscope, as the apparatus is called by the insix pounder guns, one of iron, the other of'bronzc, were used. Spring. Port Jefferson and Patchogue, on Long I sland.
doi:10.1038/scientificamerican03221879-181 fatcat:7qdx2zdv4rei7oemhc2l7ixoay