RCFT構造を活用したBow String Archの提案
The proposal of Bow String Arch applied a reinforced concrete filled tube

Hiroshi KUDO, Takuya SUZUKI, Yukitake SHIOI, Akira HASEGAWA
2008 Kou kouzou rombunshuu  
Concrete filled tube is efficient structure, which confined concrete mainly resist to the compression force, and steel pipe is expected mainly resist to horizontal restriction force and tensile force due to bending moment. In this paper, we propose the application of the reinforced concrete filled tube (RCFT) to "Bow String Arch" that Rise is shallow, as the structure which used the feature of RCFT structure. In this paper, the economical efficiency of shallow rise arch applying a concrete filled tube is examined based on a trial design.
doi:10.11273/jssc1994.15.58_11 fatcat:gi6y3vto4zbh5e5enknbmblvoq