Processed raw materials as precursors for synthesizing geopolymer matrix

2019 Zenodo  
The aim of this report is to identify the most promising CDW materials that can be applied as precursors for the successful development of the geopolymer matrix. In particular, six different CDW materials (tiles, bricks, EPS, XPS, PU and glass) were tested and four of them (bricks, EPS, XPS, glass) are found to be suitable for the development of lightweight geopolymer construction elements. All these materials were characterized and appropriately processed to meet the requirements of geopolymer
more » ... synthesis. CDW bricks were used as the main aluminosilicate source while EPS and XPS were incorporated as lightweight agents. In addition, a hydrothermal processing for the conversion of glass into water glass that can be used as the activation solution, was developed and optimized. The content of CDWs inthe final geopolymer was 88% by mass.
doi:10.5281/zenodo.3601776 fatcat:ku5rr6iurrefxnsb4wis6cdgxi