Poetic Prose in Kurdish Literature as an Example in the Text (Snow Anthems or Burnt Colors)

Parween Abdullah Khudhur, Fuad Rashid Mohammd
2022 Journal of Raparin University  
This research, tagged with "Prose poem in Kurdish literature as an example, it is included in the text of the poet Dl shad Abdullah, "Anthem of Snow Writing or Burning Colors." It attempts to show the form of "prose poetry" in Kurdish literature, especially in modern literature. In this historical era, it highlights the choice of the beginning of the emergence of the prose poem in modern Kurdish literature. However, the statement problematic of the research and its study, which is based on the
more » ... rinciples and sections of the research, as for the results of the research, which includes the most prominent results that were reached at the end of the study. the most prominent of which is a description Genres of the prose poem, the principles and artistic features upon which the prose poems are based, including the study text (Anthem of Snow Writing or Burning Colors) in the poems (Beauty and Some Pages of Life the Snow Writer or Baw Balkan) by the contemporary Kurdish poet Dl shad Abdullah on the scale of prose poems in modern Kurdish poetry.
doi:10.26750/vol(9).no(3).paper25 fatcat:phovqcc2sjd3xhwbkyi36ens3a