Strain relaxation of GaAs layers grown on heavily In‐doped substrates by organometallic vapor phase epitaxy

Shunro Fuke, Katsumi Mori, Kazuhiro Kuwahara, Tetsuji Imai
1990 Journal of Applied Physics  
Compressive deformation of undoped and In-doped GaAs single crystals has been carried out in [001] and [123] orientations in the temperature range 700-1100 0c. Indium additions, at levels of 1-2 X 10 20 atoms cm -3, result in critical resolved shear stress (CRSS) values that are about twice as large as the undoped crystals in the temperature range of 700-1100 °C. The CRSS was weakly dependent on temperature in the temperature range investigated as expected for a model of athermal solid solution
more » ... rmal solid solution hardening. The CRSS value of 3.3 MPa for the In-doped crystal is sufficient to eliminate profuse dislocation formation in a 75-mm-diam crystal on the basis of current theories for the magnitude of the thermal stress experienced during growth. The results also suggest that the process of dislocation climb is slowed appreciably by In doping.
doi:10.1063/1.346737 fatcat:itmzkkpd6fdtjkltydtkegjnxu