Secure Socket Layer (SSL) in the Network and Web Security

Roza Dastres, Mohsen Soori
The Meltdown and spectre holes are two security deficiencies which can provide access to personal data for hackers and can potentially affect performances of Linux, Mac systems, and Windows devices plus other operating systems. In order to prevent the capturing data on computer or smartphones by attackers, two vulnerabilities as meltdown and spectre are recently detected on CPU manufacture. Vulnerabilities are part of the hardware design of the processor by changing the processor structures in
more » ... ssor structures in terms of security enhancement of the CPU manufacture. Meltdown hole is run on a wide range of operating systems including IOS, Linux, MacOS, and Windows which can affect many service providers and cloud services. There are some fixes from manufacturer of OS and BIOS which are trying to fix exploits. Software patches should be used while undergo updating operations should also be applied in order to enhance the security of operating systems. In this paper, the impact of meltdown hole on various processors and operating systems are studied and methods to deal with the security issues of the processors are also discussed.
doi:10.6084/m9.figshare.13139729.v1 fatcat:fhsrm5vc6jbhjby4vfvo37pe2q