Dataset: survey about research data management in agricultural sciences in Germany

Matthias Senft, Ulrike Stahl, Nikolai Svoboda, Julius Kühn Institut, Franziska Boehm
This dataset is the result of an online survey the authors conducted in the German agricultural science community in 2020. The survey inquires not only about the status quo, but also explicitly about the wishes and needs of users, representing the agricultural scientific research domain, of the in-progress NFDI (national research data infrastructure). Questions cover information about produced and (re-)used data, data quality aspects, information about the use of standards, publication
more » ... and legal aspects of agricultural research data, the current situation in research data management in regards to awareness, consulting and curricula as well as needs of the agricultural community in respect to future developments. In total, the questionnaire contained 52 questions and was conducted using the Community Edition of the Open Source Survey Tool LimeSurvey (Version 3.19.3; LimeSurvey GmbH). The questions were accessible in English and German. The first set of questions (Questions 1-4) addressed the respondent's professional background (i.e. career status, affiliation and subject area, but no personal data) and the user group. The user groups included data users, data providers as well as infrastructure service and information service providers. Subsequent questions were partly user group specific. All questions, the corresponding question types and addressed user groups can be found in the questionnaire files (Survey-Questions-2020-DE.pdf German Version; Survey-Questions-2020-EN.pdf English Version). The survey was accessible online between June 26th and July 21st 2020, could be completed anonymously and took about 20 minutes. The survey was promoted in an undirected manner via mail lists of agricultural institutes and agricultural-specific professional societies in Germany, via social media (e.g. Twitter) and announced during the first community workshop of NFDI4Agri on July 15th 2020 and other scientific events. After closing the survey, we exported the data from the LimeSurvey tool and initially screened it. [...]
doi:10.5073/20211013-105447 fatcat:4zhjadfi5bez7gcnzfypuc6rdm