Study on the Performance of a Centrifugal Compressor Using Fluid-Structure Interaction Method
유체-구조 연성해석을 이용한 원심압축기 운전익단간극과 성능 예측

Horim Lee, Changhee Kim, Jangsik Yang, Changmin Son, Yoonjei Hwang, Jinhee Jeong
2016 Transactions of the Korean Society of Mechanical Engineers B  
In this study, we perform a series of aero-thermo-mechanical analyses to predict the running-tip clearance and the effects of impeller deformation on the performance using a centrifugal compressor. During operation, the impeller deformation due to a combination of the centrifugal force, aerodynamic pressure and the thermal load results in a non-uniform tip clearance profile. For the prediction, we employ the one-way fluid-structure interaction (FSI) method using CFX 14.5 and ANSYS. The
more » ... running tip clearance shows a non-uniform profile over the entire flow passage. In particular, a significant reduction of the tip clearance height occurred at the leading and trailing edges of the impeller. Because of the reduction of the tip clearance, the tip leakage flow decreased by 19.4%. In addition, the polytrophic efficiency under operating conditions increased by 0.72%. These findings confirm that the prediction of the running tip clearance and its impact on compressor performance is an important area that requires further investigation. † Corresponding Author,
doi:10.3795/ksme-b.2016.40.6.357 fatcat:rtpmt6ma2ngy7lpw2uxbmttmwy