A New Species of the Genus Bryocamptus (Copepoda, Harpacticoida, Canthocamptidae) from Alpine Wetlands at Jeju Island, Korea

Jimin Lee, Cheon Young Chang
2016 Animal Systematics, Evolution and Diversity  
Material of a Bryocamptus species, formerly reported as B. umiatensis Wilson, 1958 from Sakhalin and South Korea, is here recognized as a distinct new species. Specimens of both sexes were recently obtained from an alpine wetland, Sumeunmulbaengdui, located in the Hallasan National Park, Korea, and newly registered as a Ramsar Wetland in 2015. The new species, B. jejuensis n. sp., differs from the type population of B. umiatensis from Alaska by the smooth margin of the anal operculum in both
more » ... es, the peculiarly modified terminal seta on the distal endopodal segment of the male leg 3, the swordlike spinous seta on the distal endopodal segment of the male leg 4, and the presence of a setule row on the inner distal margin of the caudal rami in the female. Both sexes of the new species are described in detail with particular reference to the male characters. A revised key to the seven species of the genus Bryocamptus Chappuis, 1929 occurring in Korean waters is provided.
doi:10.5635/ased.2016.32.3.024 fatcat:yf3222jkonckfoivrboiytacki