Adhesion of veneering resins to polymethylmethacrylate-based CAD/CAM polymers after various surface conditioning methods

B. Stawarczyk, A. Trottmann, C. H. F. Hämmerle, M. Özcan
2013 Acta Odontologica Scandinavica  
Objectives. The aims of this study were to test whether the bond strength of a hybrid composite and a PMMA-based veneer to CAD/CAM polymers would improve after pre-treatment and to evaluate the failure types after debonding. Materials and methods. Three types of PMMA-based (CAD-Temp, artBloc Temp and TelioCAD) CAD/CAM blocks were obtained (N = 360, n = 15 per test group). They were divided into four groups to be conditioned with the following methods: (a) no-treatment, (b) airabrasion (50 m
more » ... rabrasion (50 m Al(2)O(3)), (c) air-abrasion (50 m Al(2)O(3)) + MPS-Silane (Monobond S) + Adhesive resin (StickResin) (for Gradia)/MMA (for Integral Esthetic Press) application, (d) Silica coating and silanization (CoJet-System). The conditioned surfaces were veneered with a hybrid composite (Gradia) or a PMMA-based resin (Integral esthetic press). After water storage (1 week, 37°C), the bond strength was measured. Data were analyzed using 3-way ANOVA and post-hoc Scheffé test ( = 0.05). Results. Surfaceconditioning method, veneer type and CAD/CAM polymers significantly affected the results. Hybrid composite did not bond to non-conditioned CAD/CAM polymers. Regardless of the conditioning method, PMMA-based resin showed significantly higher bond strength to all CAD/CAM polymers compared to hybrid composite. Air-abrasion increased the bond strength in all tested groups. Additional silane application after air-abrasion did not significantly increase the bond strength of hybrid composite. While exclusively adhesive failures were observed between the hybrid composite and the CAD/CAM polymers, PMMA veneer demonstrated cohesive failures in the CAD/CAM polymers. Conclusion. CAD/CAM polymers could be veneered with only a PMMA-based veneer with and without air-abrasion.
doi:10.3109/00016357.2012.757354 pmid:23351222 fatcat:stog2blq55fb7jb7jzqxejqhle