Study on the Effectiveness of Madrasah Leadership: The Madrasah Jambi Province, Indonesia

Usman Fahmy, Mukhtar Anon, Kasful Anwar, A. A Musyaffa
2021 The International Journal of Business & Management  
Leadership is one of the factors that has an important role in the process of implementing the wheels of activity in the organization, which and progress of an organization largely depends on the leadership factor. Some research has also proven that the leadership factor of a leader play an important role in the organization development. Important factor in that leader is a characteristic of the leader himself, like Covey states that 90 percent of leader failures are failure on the character
more » ... elf. (Stephen R. dan Covey, 2012) Management in general and education management in particular, cases leadership is directly related to Human resource management and other organizational management are interrelated. In relation to humans resource management, leader or manager is an inseparable component with entrepreneurs 1 and employes . According to Malay S.P Hasibuan human resource management components that human resource management components consisting of entrepreneurs, employees, 2 leaders and manager. Meanwhile, in the context to education management, leadership is the one of the eight-important factors for the practicians of mutual management. Deden Makbuloh as he citated in Saraph, et al., expressed the eight-important factors for the particians of mutual managements are: 1) role of management leadership and quality policy ; 2) role of the quality department ; 3) training ; 4) product/service design ; 5) supplier quality management ; 6) process management ; 7) quality data and reporting, and so 1 Entrepreneur is every person who invests his capital to earn income. In the context of education, education investors are government or state or private who invest their capital in the procurement of human resources. In small education, education investors are parents who send educational institutions so that children have certain academic abilities, attitudes and skills 2 In the context of educational institutions, which include employees are educators (teachers), education staff (administrative or administrative staff, and all people who work in schools such as cleaning staff, gardeners, security, and so on
doi:10.24940/theijbm/2021/v9/i11/166976-404598-2-sm fatcat:nfzg4yqk6jg3vbz4r4polf36we