614 Experimental Analysis of Gas Fuel Injection by Schlieren Method
614 シュリーレン法によるガス燃料噴射現象の実験的解析(オーガナイズドセッション : 環境問題とエネルギー)

Atsushi DOKI, Kazuo SATO, Masamitsu NAKANO
2001 The Proceedings of Ibaraki District Conference  
This paper dea ユ s with eXperimental analysis of gas fuel injection by schheren method . In case of fuel direct inlection is apPhed to a two ' stroke engine , the thlle from injection to ignition is extremely shorter than iII a 旧 ourstroke engine , and the time is about 1! 6 in comparison with fourstroke engi le , Therefore , grasping the diffusion and whereabouts of 血 jected gas fuel is important for the to form ve ry suitable mix も ure arQund ignition plug . In this study , the purpose is
more » ... ysis by schlieren 皿 ethod using methane gas as supposing the natural gas fuel direct injectio ロ . AS a result , we could observe effective diffusion to make homogeneous mix 匕 ure or str 且 tified combustion .
doi:10.1299/jsmeibaraki.2001.163 fatcat:mi4ihsd7ordo7gryvxzplrx6wa