Upgrade infrastructure of the national physical education system

Borys Maksymchuk, Vasyl Ovcharuk, Mykola Halaidiuk, Vitalina Lytvynenko, Natalia Bashavets, Yuliia Kakhiani, Khrystyna Khudytska, Vira Ovcharuk
2020 Scientific Journal of National Pedagogical Dragomanov University. Series 15. Scientific and pedagogical problems of physical culture (physical culture and sports)  
The transition to a 12-year education system is predetermined by the increase in the amount of knowledge that pupils need to acquire as part of their school preparation. This requires a review of the attitude towards holding regular sports events. An increase in the mental workload for the full perception of educational material can be achieved under the condition of regular sports, attraction to which should be formed among pupils already in elementary classes. A balanced combination of
more » ... mbination of physical exercise and brainwork makes it possible to increase the common load in both areas of activity. The pupils" performance in their recovery depends as much as possible on the level of concentration of their attention, which is achieved by combining the learning load with light physical exercises during lessons, which contributes to active rest and improvement of the general level in the perception of educational material. Thus, the ability of primary school teachers to ensure that pupils conduct sports and mass work directly and actively affects the performance of the primary school as a whole. Sports and mass work in primary school is an important form of study in the system of physical education of pupils. It is organized and conducted in accordance with the general purpose and tasks of physical education, contributes to the development of the physical and mental personality of junior pupils. As physical education lessons and organized physical exercises in the day mode, sports and mass work has its own specific tasks, therefore, it is filled with specific content, performs important functions in the system of physical education of junior pupils. Tasks are unleashed on satisfying the needs of junior pupils in regular classes and in identifying their physical potential in competitions with the help of various forms of sports and mass work.
doi:10.31392/npu-nc.series15.2020.8(128).23 fatcat:e6qoy2wlfbg2pcfuxlbwuldx2y