Improvement in Thermal Design and Analysis for ECB of Vehicle

Mr, Ranjeet Ghavate, Prof Dnyaneshwar Waghole, Mr Chavan
2016 International Engineering Research Journal (IERJ) Special Issue   unpublished
In recent years, electrical equipment are drastically developing and miniaturizing. Higher integration of semiconductor devices leads to these developments. On the other hand, higher integration of semiconductor devices on one chip and higher integration of electrical devices in one package means increase of heat generation density. The operation of integrated circuits (IC) at elevated temperature is a major cause of failures in electronic devices and a critical problem in developing more
more » ... veloping more advanced electronic packages. This is because the life expectancy of electronic components reduces exponentially as the operating temperature rises. One such example of an electronic device is the electronic control unit (ECU) in automotives whose function has increased and is expected to further rise in the foreseeable future. Thermal design of vehicle controller is an important element in the total design process, because of the impact of temperature on performance and reliability. A thermally well designed electrical component applied in a thermally poor designed controller, will still result in a poor total design. And it is important that thermal design on controller should be included as early as possible in the overall design process.