Latest results from NA60

A Förster, the NA60 Collaboration, R Arnaldi, R Averbeck, K Banicz, J Castor, B Chaurand, C Cicalò, A Colla, P Cortese, S Damjanovic, A David (+40 others)
2006 Journal of Physics G: Nuclear and Particle Physics  
The NA60 experiment has measured the production of muon pairs and of charged particles in In+In collisions at a beam energy of 158 AGeV. For invariant dimuon masses below the phi the space-time averaged rho spectral function was isolated by a novel procedure. It shows a strong broadening but essentially no shift in mass. The production of J/psi was measured as a function of the collision centrality. As in previous experiments studying Pb+Pb collisions an anomalous supression is observed,
more » ... in at approximately 90 participant nucleons. Using the charged particles the reaction plane was reconstructed. The elliptic flow of charged particles increases with pt showing a saturation for pt > 2GeV/c. For the first time azimuthal distributions for J/psi are shown.
doi:10.1088/0954-3899/32/12/s06 fatcat:xizo62ahwbhxnkx76rv6yigeqy