Feedforward Active Substrate Noise Cancelling Based on di/dt of Power Supply

2006 IEICE transactions on electronics  
This paper demonstrates a feedforward active substrate noise cancelling technique using a power supply di/dt detector. Since the substrate is usually tied with the ground line with a low impedance, the substrate noise is closely related to the ground bounce which is proportional to the di/dt when inductance is dominant on the ground line impedance. Our active cancelling detects the di/dt of the power supply, and injects an anti-phase current into the substrate so that the di/dt-proportional
more » ... trate noise is cancelled out. Our first trial shows that 34% substrate noise reduction is achieved on our test circuit, and the theoretical analysis shows that the optimized canceller design will enhance the substrate noise suppression ratio up to 56%. key words: substrate noise, di/dt, feedforward active cancelling, antiphase, ground bounce, di/dt detector
doi:10.1093/ietele/e89-c.3.364 fatcat:jusu5csijbgg7c7jaef4gpfvwa