Testing strategies of pigs for measurement of feed efficiency: relative improvement in feed efficiency from relying solely on indirect selection compared to indirect selection for faster growth rate and higher percent lean

Monchai Duangjinda, Wootichai Kenchaiwong, Wuttigrai Boonkum, John W. Mabry
2016 Indian Journal of Animal Research  
The objective of this study was to compare different testing strategies of pigs involving direct measurement of feed efficiency in pig. Using simulated data software, we collected individual information for FCR and grouped trials into direct and indirect measurement. The direct FCR included measurement of FCR in both sexes (100M-100F), in boars only (100M), in 50% of boars and 50% of gilts (50M-50F), and in only 50% of boars (50M-0F). Direct measures of FCR (0M-0F) in indirect selection were
more » ... used. The highest and the lowest genetic regression responses in FCR were observed for 100M-100F and indirect selection scenarios (0M-0F). Among direct selection, the increase in genetic progress was directly related to the percent of pigs tested for FCR. Using FCRs records more than 50% (50M-50F or 100M) can raise response higher than 80%. Meanwhile, 0M-0F showed a loss in genetic gain more than 50% when compared with 100M-100F. These results suggest using direct measurements on at least 50% of all pigs for genetic evaluation in FCR.
doi:10.18805/ijar.v0iof.6818 fatcat:ziagt3hluzabvodohkuwwhtaum