Editorials and Medical Intelligence

1864 Boston Medical and Surgical Journal  
increased dulness on percussion, and excessive action with a bellows murmur over the mitral valve, and a slight obstructive murmur over the aortic. His feet were somewhat swollen, but the codema disappeared, and from June to August he needed no medical advice. Towards the close of the summer he had some diarrhoea, and in November, pneumonia, from both of which he recovered. Feb. 3d, Dr. Jeffries was called and found him suffering with his old symptoms, under which he sank in about three days.
more » ... about three days. March lath.uterine Polypus.-Dr. E. D. G. Palmer showed a large uterine polypus, and gave the following account of the case :-The patient is 45 years of age, and the mother of five children. Her labors have been natural and easy. About 3k years ago she miscarried at tho third month. Since that time she has had no medical advice until Monday last, Avhen Dr. P. was called to see her, for what she supposed was " a falling of the womb." She had suffered from this, she stated, for three years. There had been bearing-down pains, and haemorrhage occurring frequently and at irregular intervals. Of late, the loss of blood had been profuse and exhausting. By the advice of a female acquaintance, she had recently been taking some kind of strengthening medicine, and had worn a bandage with a perinaeal strap. On examination, a large tumor was found distending the vagina, and slightly protruding beyond the labia. As no os could be felt, and the finger could be passed upwards, and around the tumor, Dr. P. concluded that it was a uterine polypus, although he was unable to reach the pedicle. Dr. H. G. Clark accompanied Dr. Palmer on his second visit, and was of opinion that the case was one of uterine polypus probably, though it might prove to be the uterus inverted. It was arranged to etherize the patient on the following day, and then draw doAvn the mass, so as to determine its character, and facilitate the application of a ligature. In the mean time injections of the chlorinated solution of soda were ordered, and a cathartic to be taken immediately. On the evening of the same day, being hastily summoned, Dr. P. found the whole mass expelled, and the pedicle within reach. A ligature was applied and the tumor excised. Its weight was 2 lbs. 13 oz. Dr. Ellis said that tho tumor, on incision, was of a looser texture than most fibroid groAvths of the uterus, and very vascular.
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