Mechanical orientation in thermotropic liquid crystal state and magnetic orientation in solvent evaporation process via lyotropic liquid crystal state of an amphotropic low-bandgap liquid-crystalline π-conjugated polymer

Hiromasa Goto, Aohan Wang, Shigeki Nimori, Kohsuke Kawabata
2013 Liquid crystals (Print)  
Molecular orientations by shear stress and magnetic field were carried out to obtain a uniaxial, low-bandgap, amphotropic liquid crystalline (LC) -conjugated polymer. Orientation of a thick polymer film shows orientation along the shear stress, but a thin sample produced by a spatula drawing on a glass substrate produces LC band-structure with a chevron pattern. Furthermore, we report orientation of a lyotropic polymer LC under magnetic field.
doi:10.1080/02678292.2013.818168 fatcat:kgm723tpgbc25g3lkqpbzlqsvq