Frequency Dependent Electrical Properties of Ferroelectric Ba0.8Sr0.2TiO3 Thin Film

Ala'eddin A. SAIF, Zul Azhar ZAHID JAMAL, Zaliman SAULI, Prabakaran POOPALAN
2011 Medžiagotyra  
The frequency dependent electrical parameters, such as impedance, electric modulus, dielectric constant and AC conductivity for ferroelectric Ba 0.8 Sr 0.2 TiO 3 thin film have been investigated within the range of 1 Hz and 10 6 Hz at room temperature. Z* plane shows two regions corresponding to the bulk mechanism and the distribution of the grain boundaries-electrodes process. M" versus frequency plot reveals a relaxation peak, which is not observed in the ε″ plot and it has been found that
more » ... s peak is a non-Debye-type. The frequency dependent conductivity plot shows three regions of conduction processes, i. e., a low-frequency region due to DC conduction, a mid-frequency region due to translational hopping motions and a high-frequency region due to localized hopping and/or reorientational motion. (A. A. Saif) measurements were performed using an impedance/gainphase analyzer in the frequency range of 1 Hz to 1 MHz at room temperature. EXPERIMENT
doi:10.5755/ fatcat:46whk46uibfgbhbaw4km2fcqxm