Method for Marking and Positioning Corrosions in the Automobile Engine Cylinder Cavity from the Ultrasonic Phased Array C-scan Images

Xiaoxia Yang, Bin Xue, LeCheng Jia, Hao Zhang
2016 Proceedings of the 2016 2nd Workshop on Advanced Research and Technology in Industry Applications   unpublished
In the automotive remanufacturing movement, the inspection of the corrosion defects on the engine cylinder cavity is a key and difficult problem. In this paper, the ultrasonic phased array is applied to detect the corrosions in this part, and a method for marking and positioning the corrosions from the ultrasonic phased array C-scan images based on a series of image processing algorithms is proposed. Firstly, the image enhancement algorithm is carried out to the C-scan image and the spurious
more » ... nals are removed; then according to the characteristics of the C-scan image, the improved watershed segmentation algorithm which can avoid over-segmentation, i.e., the morphological labeled watershed algorithm is applied to segment the C-scan image and realize the defect marking; finally, the centroid extraction method is used for the defect positioning work. The final result demonstrates that the method we proposed is effective for marking and positioning corrosions in the automobile engine cylinder cavity from the ultrasonic phased array C-scan images.
doi:10.2991/wartia-16.2016.254 fatcat:j5ulvub5abg53awztdoxh3ahhi