Testing the Strength of Boilers by Steam Pressure

1871 Scientific American  
8 completely hides the disk of the sun, and permits the view of certain solar surroundings, otherwise too faint to be seen. These surroundings are of two-fold character. First, there is a silvery white glowing radiation of considerable breadth, which encircles the moon, apparently, but doubtless the SUD really. This has been seen in eclipses from the earliest times, .and is known as the" corona ;" second, there is, close to the sun, a narrow rim of bright red excrescences, first seen dur ing an
more » ... eclipse in 1706, 5upposed to be an atmosphere round the moon. This phenomenon seems to have been forgotten,
doi:10.1038/scientificamerican01011871-8 fatcat:x2k5rdkbjbfm3mwa35uftumx3u