Contribution of Greeco Arab Physician in the Field of Surgery

Irfan Ahmad, Muzaffar Shaikh,, Sharique Khan,, Md Shafaat, Furqan
2017 International Journal of Advances in Health Sciences   unpublished
The unani system of medicine,as its name suggest owes its immediate origin to ancient Greece (unani) since the Greeks adopted the medicine from Egypt,the roots of this system go to Egypt and its sister civilization Mesopotamia.It was further adopted by the Arabs,and was developed and improved tremendously by them.The herbal basis of Unani therapy can be traced back to its earliest originators in ancient Egypt,which gave primary place to plants in disease treatment.The studies of Papyri shows
more » ... of Papyri shows the ability of Egyptians in the field of medicine.They had also initiated the use of surgery as a method of treatment.Surgery (Ilaj Bil Yad) has always been a part of treatment in Unani systemof medicine since ancient times.Several arab physicians,especially Abu Al Qasim al Zohravi has tremendously contributed in the field of surgery by writing books developing surgical instruments and creating surgical inventions and technique.The present paper deals with the contribution of Greeco arab physician in the field of surgery.