Booster RF System First Beam Tests

Alexander Grebentsov, Alexander Batrakov, Oleg Brovko, Andrey Butenko, George Fatkin, Vladimir Gerklotts, Sergey Krutikhin, Grigory Kurkin, Aleksandr Malyshev, Victor Petrov, Vladimir Petrov, Andrey Pilan (+7 others)
The project NICA is being constructed in JINR, to provide collisions of heavy ion beams in the energy range from 1 to 4.5 GeV/u at the luminosity level of 1·1027 cm⁻²·s⁻¹. A key element in the collider injection chain is the Booster a cycling accelerator of ions 197Au³¹⁺. The injection energy of particles is 3.2 MeV/u, extraction energy is 600MeV/u. Two Booster RF stations provide 10 kV of acceleration voltage. The frequency range from 587 kHz to 2526 kHz at the operation of the stations in the
more » ... injector chain. The RF stations were fabricated in the Budker Institute of Nuclear Physics. The main design features and parameters of the first beam tests of the Booster RF system are discussed in this paper.
doi:10.18429/jacow-rupac2021-wepsc14 fatcat:7i76vm4ienhc3ovp65ett5ihuq