Effect of melamine on GABAergic synaptic activity in infant rat hippocampal slices

Jie Guo, Yang Yao
2012 Journal of brain science  
The scandal of meiamine-contamination has not ended yet, the toxification of melamine continues to raise concern's for public health. It has been weli known that fetus and infant periods play the most important role in brain development, then what effect on earth of melamine in childrenis center nervous sy$tem? ln the present study, we investigated the effects of melamine (5xlO-5glml) on GABAergic synaptic activity which reflecting the basal neurotransmission, in infant rat hippocampal CAI
more » ... ippocampal CAI neurons, The results $howed that melamine significantly decreased the amplitude of miniature IPSCs (mlPSCs) without altering spontaneous IPSCs (slPSCs), illustrating a postsynaptic mechanism of melamine actions on GABAergic synaptic. transmi$sion. These Research and Report synaptic activity in infant rat results suggested that melamine couid alter GABAergic synaptic activity in infant rats, and further damaged the function of learning and memory, Keywords Melamine; GABAergic; Synaptic transmission; infant rats; learning and memory lntroduction Melamine is a single molecule which possesses 6 nitrogen atoms, its deliberate adulteration to food stuffs gives a high false positive detection in the standard protein content
doi:10.20821/jbs.39.0_22 fatcat:5i4r2bmbercnpfh3fx2ldy564q