Microstructure of low temperature grown AlN thin films on Si(111)

G. W. Auner, F. Jin, V. M. Naik, R. Naik
1999 Journal of Applied Physics  
AlN thin films were grown on HF-etched Si͑111͒ substrates at 400-600°C by plasma source molecular beam epitaxy. Reflection high energy electron diffraction and transmission electron microscopy studies show that AlN films grown at 400°C form an initial amorphous region at the interface, followed by c-axis oriented columnar grains with slightly different tilts and twists. AlN films grown at 600°C showed a significantly reduced amorphous region near the interface promoting an epitaxial growth of
more » ... N with AlN͓0001͔ ʈ Si͓111͔ and AlN͓0110͔ ʈ Si͓112͔ orientations. However, all the films show numerous defects such as stacking faults, dislocations, and grain boundaries.
doi:10.1063/1.370600 fatcat:6xf7amt4lvcnde6w2x2butj2uq