Facilitating Model Reuse and Integration in an Urban Energy Simulation Platform

L. Andrew Bollinger, Ralph Evins
2015 Procedia Computer Science  
The need for more sustainable, liveable and resilient cities demands improved methods for studying urban infrastructures as integrated wholes. Progress in this direction would be aided by the ability to effectively reuse and integrate existing computational models of urban systems. Building on the concept of multi-model ecologies, this paper describes ongoing efforts to facilitate model reuse and integration in the Holistic Urban Energy Simulation (HUES) platforman extendable simulation
more » ... ent for the study of urban multi-energy systems. We describe the design and development of a semantic wiki as part of the HUES platform. The purpose of this wiki is to enable the sharing and navigation of model metadata -essential information about the models and datasets of the platform. Each model and dataset in the platform is represented in the wiki in a structured way to facilitate the identification of opportunities for model reuse and integration. As the platform grows, this will help to ensure that it develops coherently and makes efficient use of existing formalized knowledge. We present the core concepts of multi-model ecologies and semantic wikis, the current state of the platform and associated wiki, and a case study demonstrating their use and benefit.
doi:10.1016/j.procs.2015.05.484 fatcat:zwj2ldoafjeazj24xfwawdhckq