Exploiting temporal context for 3D human pose estimation in the wild [article]

Anurag Arnab, Carl Doersch, Andrew Zisserman
2019 arXiv   pre-print
We present a bundle-adjustment-based algorithm for recovering accurate 3D human pose and meshes from monocular videos. Unlike previous algorithms which operate on single frames, we show that reconstructing a person over an entire sequence gives extra constraints that can resolve ambiguities. This is because videos often give multiple views of a person, yet the overall body shape does not change and 3D positions vary slowly. Our method improves not only on standard mocap-based datasets like
more » ... 3.6M -- where we show quantitative improvements -- but also on challenging in-the-wild datasets such as Kinetics. Building upon our algorithm, we present a new dataset of more than 3 million frames of YouTube videos from Kinetics with automatically generated 3D poses and meshes. We show that retraining a single-frame 3D pose estimator on this data improves accuracy on both real-world and mocap data by evaluating on the 3DPW and HumanEVA datasets.
arXiv:1905.04266v1 fatcat:fvzjmyfkhbdw5gifazrzdshf74