A review of the pine-feeding Lithophane lepida species group (Lepidoptera: Noctuidae), with descriptions of two new species

James T Troubridge, J Donald Lafontaine
2003 Canadian Entomologist  
Chytonidia Schaus, 1914 , is one of two noctuine genera originally described by Schaus that includes species recently found to feed on fern foliage (Pteridophyta) as larvae. By examining museum specimens, including type material and reared specimens accompanied by DNA barcode data, Chytonidia Schaus, 1914, syn. n. is synonymized with Leucosigma Druce, 1908, all currently recognized species are re-described, including males of three species described from female holotypes, and three new species
more » ... three new species are described: Leucosigma solisae Goldstein, sp. n., Leucosigma poolei Goldstein, sp. n., and L. schausi Goldstein, sp. n. Images of adults and, where available, larvae as well as dissected genitalia are presented, with a key to adults.
doi:10.4039/n02-041 fatcat:7qa4dlqzbbbp5dm6a23g5js5oe