A family of switching control strategies for the reduction of torque ripple in DTC

G. Escobar, A.M. Stankovic, E. Galvan, J.M. Carrasco, R. Ortega
2003 IEEE Transactions on Control Systems Technology  
In this paper, we are interested in design of switching control strategies which, as in the case of classical direct torque control (DTC), aim to directly regulate two outputs: torque and flux amplitude. A criterion in terms of the error and/or the prediction in one-step-ahead on these outputs is proposed to design the switching sequence. As a result, a control vector, i.e., the switch position, is directly selected without the requirement of an auxiliary space vector or other modulation
more » ... ue. We consider two criteria: quadratic and absolute value. Finally, experimental results implementing these two approaches are presented, and compared with the classical DTC.
doi:10.1109/tcst.2003.815558 fatcat:yxfblkdnxbelrojx7znkuvuxju