Infrared Spectra Normalization at SINBAD

M. Cestelli Guidi, A. Marcelli, A. Nucara, P. Calvani
In the long wavelength region the Synchrotron Radiation emission has peculiar properties. However, the Infra Red Synchrotron Radiation flux is linearly dependent on the beam current I. At DAFNE, an e+- e- collider, because of the short beam lifetime, infrared data acquisition performed using a Fourier Transform Infrared spectrometer is strongly affected by this dependence, which has to be corrected by post-acquisition normalization. Here is presented NORMA, an original software package
more » ... re package developed using OPUS macros and VB scripts, which automates this procedure for data acquisition using both the interferometer and the microscope.
doi:10.15161/ fatcat:5qj4gwtsyffxnoty2qyep6myhe