Joint Frequency-Domain STTD and Antenna Diversity Reception Based on MMSE Criterion for OFDM/TDM

2006 IEICE transactions on communications  
In this letter, we introduce frequency-domain spacetime transmit diversity (STTD) encoding/decoding to orthogonal frequency division multiplexing combined with time division multiplexing (OFDM/TDM) on a frame-by-frame basis (i.e., over several concatenated OFDM signals in the frequency-domain) to achieve both spatial and frequency diversity gains and improve the bit error rate (BER) performance. The theoretical BER performance is evaluated by numerical computation using the derived conditional
more » ... erived conditional BER and confirmed by computer simulation. key words: OFDM/TDM, frequency-domain STTD
doi:10.1093/ietcom/e89-b.10.2952 fatcat:z5eyxffywzfuniqjgzxurioahm