Inclosures, Vagueness, and Self-Reference

Graham Priest
2010 Notre Dame Journal of Formal Logic  
In this paper, I start by showing that sorites paradoxes are inclosure paradoxes. That is, they fit the Inclosure Scheme which characterizes the paradoxes of self-reference. Given that sorites and self-referential paradoxes are of the same kind, they should have the same kind of solution. The rest of the paper investigates what a dialetheic solution to sorites paradoxes is like, connections with a dialetheic solution to the self-referential paradoxes, and related issuesespecially so called "higher order" vagueness.
doi:10.1215/00294527-2010-005 fatcat:nflr2xmr5zgmtlvsauxxpnfv4e