Literary Herald Healer to Destroyer; A Study on the Hybrid Aesthetic Approach to Music and Language through Anna Smaill's The Chimes

B Padmanabhan, Neha Soman
Music is an intangible cure to all the maladies of human race. It constructs, protects and heals. Even the darkest caves of human soul can be showered light with hopeful rays of music. But what may happen if music turns into something disastrous and over powering? A world without language and a totalitarian regime suppressing its people by music can only be imagined but the debut novel of Anna Smaill, a writer from New Zealand portrays the horrors of music as the ultimate destroyer. It is
more » ... troyer. It is acceptable that our forefathers sought help of music and sounds to communicate. As we moved into civilization, language became the most mandatory element of existence. Without words, the formulation and conceptualization of ideas become difficult. Music may be of help but only up to certain extend. The influence of emotions over music should also be taken into consideration. Thus this paper focuses on bringing out the supremacy of language over music in achieving life skills. The cosmos is filled with infinite auras of positivity and negativity. There is a proportion which sustains the balance of both the energies. The laws of universe are already been written and it"s natural to live according to nature"s laws without making any human modifications. Any commotion in this order may invite terrible results which can be of greater harm to the human race. So it is wise not to disturb the order of nature and consciously invite the possible catastrophe. Anna Smaill"s The Chimes is an extraordinary dystopian fiction dealing with the harmful interventions of a particular human class which tangles the entire order and creates something monstrous. The novelty of Anna Smaill lies in her choice of a powerful medium. An apocalyptic London controlled by a totalitarian regime that uses music as a weapon to control and rule the populace. A world without language and writing is entertained and a gigantic music instrument called "Carillion" cleanses the memories of people at the end of