Anonymous Review [peer_review]

2021 unpublished
The authors use a box model to analyze data from two field studies in Hyytiala (summer-autumn of different years), examining the potential impact of pyruvic acid (PYR) photolysis on acetaldehyde and HOx radical budgets in this boreal forest area. The topic is of interest and importance, and thus relevant to ACP readership. I have some significant concerns with the work, however, mostly related to assumptions made in the box model analyses; some of these are discussed by the authors, but I think
more » ... uthors, but I think there are others that need to be addressed (particularly in the context of how quantitative the conclusions are, given the uncertainties in PYR photolysis and depositional loss and the nature of some of the approximations made). More details follow. C1
doi:10.5194/acp-2020-975-rc2 fatcat:u63dd3mlezgjzcpoowyuxxzu4e