Correct and incorrect knowledge of the risk factors concerning the development of arterial hypertension. Part 2. Population of patients with identified arterial hypertension

Andrzej Kleinrok, Michał Stanisław Kamiński, Tomasz Domański, Grażyna Prokop-Lewicka
2017 Arterial Hypertension  
Introduction. Hypertension (HT) and its complications significantly shorten the life expectancy in the world popu lation. In addition to pharmacotherapy, lifestyle changes play a key role in treatment, which requires appropriate knowledge among patients. Material and methods. The study was conducted in a group of 613 adults with HT. After obtaining sociodemo graphic data, performing anthropometric measurements, measuring resting blood pressure twice, the knowledge was assessed using a
more » ... d using a personally conducted questionnaire. The questions evaluated the effects of smoking, alcohol, coffee, salt, fat, irregular diet, low fibre and vegetable intake, as well as skimmed dairy products in diet, overweight and obesity, cholesterol, physical activity and stressful lifestyle on the development of HT. Results. False knowledge of the influence on the development of HT in the case of alcohol drinking was found in 16% of the respondents, coffee -56.4%, large amounts of salt -7.2%, large amounts of fats -88%, small amounts of fibre and vegetables and skimmed dairy products -27.8%, irregular diet -46.4%, cigarette smoking -73.4%, over weight and obesity -4.4%, high cholesterol -86.9%, low physical activity -11.2% %, stressful lifestyle -5.4% Conclusions. Incorrect knowledge of HT risk factors was most likely to be associated with excessive intake of fat, elevated cholesterol, smoking and coffee drinking. There were no common features of the people who answered the questions incorrectly. The results show the need to educate HT patients about the factors that aggravate this disease. key words: hypertension, risk factors, knowledge
doi:10.5603/ah.2017.0011 fatcat:q7iyb7gpi5abln7e7tnswivvbi