CXLIX.—A new type of compound containing arsenic

George Joseph Burrows, Eustace Ebenezer Turner
1920 Journal of the Chemical Society Transactions  
HITHERTO, our knowledge of additive compounds formed from arsines has been restricted to those of the cacodyl series, and the compounds in question are of the co-ordination type and contain such elements as platinum, mercury, and copper. The authors have found that many arsines of the type R,R,R,As, where R1, R" and R, may be similar or dissimilar alkyl or aryl groups, combine readily with methyldi-iodoarsine and with the corresponding ethyl and phenyl derivatives to give brightly-coloured
more » ... ghtly-coloured substances varying in shade from pale yellow t o deep orange, and of the general type R,R,R,As,RAsI,. They are completely dissociated into their parent substances 011 dissolving in benzene, but evaporation of such solutions gives the pure additive compound
doi:10.1039/ct9201701373 fatcat:2gs6issikngh3kfgysej56x5h4