Assessment of the constraints in the environmental management plan of filling stations in Kaduna metropolis, Nigeria

A Yunusa, A Nabegu, R Yusuf
This paper assesses the major constraints to EMP in the environmental management of filling stations in Kaduna metropolis. The specific objectives were to identify factors influencing the implementation of environmental management plan in Kaduna metropolis and proffer solutions to the constraint affecting the implementation of the EMP. Data for the study was obtained from published documents, questionnaire and interview. The result of the study indicated that the Ignorance, Cost of
more » ... ost of implementation and maintenance, follow-up process, lack record keeping, training and Enlightenment programmes, and uncertainty with the regulatory bodies are the major constraining factors affecting the implementation of EMP in Kaduna Metropolis, Possible solutions that can improve the implementation if the EMP such as involving some of the regulatory officers to assist in filling stations to implement the EMP or during review, environmental management benchmarking, introduction of compliance dependent compliance monitoring and enforcement, and self-reporting schemes are explored.